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Our Story

Tim Manley and Nora Revenaugh met in New York City’s storytelling scene, getting up on small stages and sharing true stories. Whenever we told someone we did this, we noticed a pattern: Everyone knew the power of a well-told story, but not everyone knew how or when to tell one.

We believe it’s easy to do with the right support. And we believe stories can strengthen communities, convey messages, and build businesses.

So we created StoryLab as the resource that pairs storytelling instruction—the nitty-gritty of how to tell a good story—with the tools to use the skill off-stage. Whether it’s your startup, your classroom, or your knitting club, we want to help you tell your story.


Featured in an upcoming documentary about Showcase Schools, with whom StoryLab coached over fifty NYC principals in telling true stories about their work in education.



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